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DarkRP Rules

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General Rules

Do not RDM (Random Death Match), this means that you are not allowed to randomly kill people.
Do not break NLR (New Life Rule), this means that you are NOT allowed to go back to the place you died in 5 minutes, or revenge the player who killed you.
Fear RP, if someone is pointing a gun at you, you are not allowed to take out a weapon or run away. You are not allowed to tase people with guns pointed at you. You need to fear the gun. After you get shot/shot at by the person keeping you under gunpoint, you are allowed to try run away to save yourself.
Do not meta game, this means you are not allowed to talk in OOC(Out of character) while IC(In character), Example: You can not ask someone to come to a place in OOC.
Do not backseat administrate. You're not allowed to make someone wanted for the reason 'RDM, CDM, Propkilling' etc. or kill people breaking rules. Call an admin instead.
Do not abuse wiremod to make things that move/delete props or teleport to people or to your base or trap people, auto casino farms, any kind of abuse will lead to a PERMANENT ban.
Do not use gore/porn/disturbing sprays.
Do not argue or use caps in OOC.
Do not combat tase. This means that you are not allowed to tase someone while in a firefight.
Do not scam, scamming is not allowed at any cause. If someone is buying something from you, you must give the item he has payed for.
If someone is buying something, don't steal the money they drop/item they get.
Do not suicide if you are arrested/getting arrested.
Do not abuse props. (Propkill, Proppush, Propclimb, make elevators/ramps to get to roofs Etc.)
Do not make KOS Zones. It will count as RDM
Don't put down printers while you're building.
Don't self supply.
You are not allowed to make a custom vehicle.
You are not allowed to start wars with anyone.
The administrators word is the law. You must obey it. It's not negotiable.
Don't printer bomb. (Spawn a printer and shoot it to make it explode and kill people. If you are raiding and destroy printers and they kill someone, it doesn't count as printerbombing.)
Don't put random hits on people. You may only put hits on people who you have a grudge against.
Don't make no collided cameras to look inside a base/house.
Don't kidnap random people, only kidnap someone who people are willing to pay for. You are not allowed to leave the kidnapped person alone. You can ask max $10k for the kidnapped person. (Government members, rebel/gangster members, Important people.)

Raid/Mug Rules

Do not random raid, this means that you are not allowed to raid without a reason. You need a valid rp reason. Good reasons are, you saw printers, shipments, druglabs, weapons etc. Or general roleplaying reasons, Police suprise raid (If suspected criminal), raid to get your car back, base owner did some harm to you etc. Your job is not a valid reason to raid.
You are not allowed to build while raiding/getting raided.
Rebels and Gangsters are rival gangs, they are not allowed to raid together.
You are not allowed to ask more than 3000$ when mugging someone.
Do not mug anyone inside the casino.
You don't need to advertise but you need to yell in chat when raiding/mugging someone. (No voicechat)
Do not mug people in the public, do it out of sight/away from the law.

Job Rules

Do not mug/raid/kidnap as a Gundealer, Drug Dealer, Hitman, Citizen, Security Guard, Hobo or Doctor, you must RP as the job. (If hitman's target is inside a base they can raid it to kill the target. They can't steal anything.)
Do not farm contra or steal cars as a government member.
Do not randomly tase people as a government member.
Do not randomly weapon check people as a government member.
Do not kill other government members as a government member.
When you play as a cop, do not open any doors without a warrant.
Do not throw shoes at people randomly as a hobo, only if you have a good reason. (Someone calls you scum/humiliate you etc.)
Gundealers or Black Market Dealers can't base with any gangs. They must make their own shops.
Do not abuse jobs, Example: Don't switch jobs to a cop to unarrest your friend.
Members of the government are not allowed to have black market weapons.
As a cop you are only allowed to shoot wanted players when they try to escape or start shooting at you.

Base Rules

Don't build bases in the buildings on the main road of the city, use them for shops/rp.
You are only allowed to have 2 fading doors per base including your friends, but you are allowed to have fading doors covering your printers etc. You are not allowed to make fake keypads. The fading doors and keypads must be visible, the fading doors must be open minimum of 3 seconds.
Do not build fading doors infront of a normal door.
Do not abuse fading doors.(Don't make fading doors to shoot through them).
You must own all the doors inside your base.
Don't make nocollided doors in your base.
Do not make tunnels where you can shoot peoples heads.
Do not make one way shooters. One way see through fences counts as one way shooters.
Do not build doomforts, for example a doorway with one way shooters so you can shoot the raiders easily but they can't shoot you.

Building Rules

You are not allowed to build on the streets. Hobos can build on the sidewalks.
Do not build on any roofs.
Do not block/build around the food vending machines.
Do not block off areas of the map. You are not allowed to block roads, etc.


Any threats about DDoS are PERMA ban.

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